Setting The Standard For Latinas In The World of Pageantry!



Our Vision

Our goal is to create role models in our community, inspire a desire for personal achievement and growth, encourage education, strong family values, and cultural pride.


Our Mission

Miss Belleza Latina is an organization that understands our cultural background...and works to enhance, recognize and honor it!





Areas Of Competition


Belleza Latina titleholders must be articulate with excellent social and conversational skills. Titleholders must be able to express themselves clearly, diplomatically, and must project a pleasant personality at all times. Interviews will be conducted “panel style”. “Panel style” is similar to a press conference. The interview focuses primarily on delegates' personal information (e.g., hobbies, ambition, etc.) but may include opinion questions that require general knowledge of social and current events. Delegates should wear a dress, cocktail suit, or pantsuit for the interview competition and your Official Sash. *Strappy & clear shoes allowed. Rhinestones are also allowed.




Belleza Latina International titleholders must be able to project their own personal sense of style. This segment will be very much like a runway fashion show. Fashion outfits can be anything the delegate feels represents a currently popular or stylish ensemble. Attire is dressy-casual and may be a dress or pants outfit. Delegates are encouraged to accessorize with earrings, jackets, hats, gloves, etc. Accessories may be used as “props” for modeling. Bare midriffs are acceptable but outfits must be tasteful and complement size and figure. Very casual attire (e.g., shorts, jeans, dockers) is not recommended.




Titleholders must carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance. Judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer label of the gown, but rather how well it suits the delegate (e.g., fit, color, style) as well as delegate's on-stage presentation. The Evening Gown must be floor length. Since this is a glamorous pageant, teens are permitted to wear sophisticated, beaded gowns.





Belleza Latina titleholders will appear in advertising throughout their year's reign. As representatives of our pageant system, winners must possess photographic appeal and ability to project an image in print that is consistent with beauty and elegance. Our titleholders define our system. Photography is the medium through which the general public most often is introduced to any pageant system (e.g., in the newspaper, magazine ads / articles, television news clips). Therefore, it makes sense to include a photogenic portion in the pageant scoring. Photos may be with or without your crown. Can be a headshot, full length, or ¾ length. MUST look like you, should not be overly airbrushed and should have a “formal” look.

**Competition photo must be handed in during registration.