Setting The Standard For Latinas In The World of Pageantry!



Our Vision

Our goal is to create role models in our community, inspire a desire for personal achievement and growth, encourage education, strong family values, and cultural pride.


Our Mission

Miss Belleza Latina is an organization that understands our cultural background...and works to enhance, recognize and honor it!






Miss Teen Belleza Latina™

Ages 14-18 and at least 25% Hispanic descent. Must be single and never married as of the start date of the pageant event. Must not have ever had a child. This applies to participation in any preliminary pageant (e.g., local, state, provincial, national) leading to the International Pageant. Must remain unmarried during her reign as a state title holder and as the international titleholder should she win. If a Teen is engaged to be married during her reign as Miss Teen Belleza Latina™ she will be disqualified. NO exceptions.


Must be at least 14 and NO OLDER than 18 as of December 31st of the year of the International pageant. Delegates participating in preliminary pageants leading to the International Pageant may be 13 years of age provided that they reach their 14th birthday prior to the start date of the Miss Teen Belleza Latina International Pageant™.

Miss Belleza Latina™

Ages 19-29. Must be unmarried. However, may be divorced, widowed or a single mother.


Must be at least 19 years of age as of the start date of the Miss Belleza Latina International Pageant event™. Delegates participating in preliminary pageants leading to the International Pageant may be 18 years of age provided that they reach their 19th birthday prior to the start date of the International Pageant event.

Ms. Belleza Latina™

Ages 30 & Over. May be married, divorced, widowed, single mother. **Must be at least 25% Hispanic descent.


Entrant must be a naturally born genetic female.


Entry Fee

An entry fee is required to enter the Belleza Latina International Pageant™ as an at-large delegate. The fee amount $950. Delegate may seek sponsors or may pay the entry fee herself. Payment may be made by personal check, money order, or PayPal. Delegates may make payments toward the total entry fee.


Payments of any amount must be made at least every 30 days until the total fee is received. Failure to remit payment every 30 days may result in loss of title and fees paid.


Delegate's title will be assigned and her crown and sash will be ordered after payment has been received in full by Belleza Latina Pageants, Inc.


The Belleza Latina International Pageant™ is self-supporting and relies solely upon entry fees to cover production expenses. Production expenses include but are not limited to: advertising, hotel rentals, theater rentals, performers’ fees, judges' expenses, staging, supplies, prizes, awards, etc.


A significant percentage of the entry fee is directed back to each delegate in the form of crown, sash, meals, entertainment, parties, gifts, and prizes.


Entry fee does not include travel to and from national pageant, hotel, wardrobe and opening number dress.